Certified Banger: Wake Me Up by Remy Ma ft. Lil’ Kim

Aye yo. I have a certified banger for you. I don’t know about y’all, but I am an 80s baby spending my teens in the 90s. I listened to ample amounts of gangsta rap and lived in a time where disrespect would no doubt be addressed physically, perhaps to cause detriment to your existence. All my music must have a sick bassline. All my music must be played at a socially inappropriate level. I’m very serious about my music. I am the unofficial DJ of my friend group. I know rap. I know a lyricist when I see one. Thankfully, too, my experience has afforded me access to a plethora of beasty ass women in the rap game for me to model my gangsta after. This list surely includes  MC Lyte. Queen Latifa. Roxanne Shaunté. Lauryn Hill. Foxy Brown. Da Brat. Eve. Rah Digga. Young M.A. Mufuckin uhhhh…  I can go one for a minute.

You all are aware of the Queen B —the original Queen B, Lil’ Kim.  I know she comes with some controversy over the development in her appearance, but there is no controversy or doubt that comes from the fire she spits. None period. Fight me if you disagree. Pure hot fiyah.

Not kidding.

“Wake Me Up” by Remy Ma ft. Lil’ Kim gives up the best. We get a crazy beat sample from Mary J. Blige’s “I Can Love You” from back in the day that also featured Lil’ Kim… another dope & timeless banger. In addition to the throwback, Remy Ma and Lil Kim go in. Check it out by yourself. Let me know what you think.

Listen below to this banger. Leave comments. I want to hear your opinion.


In case you don’t know the original banger: