Because We Can Imagine We Are Free: Artist Carolin Pehr


“Because we can imagine we are free.” ~ Satire

Art by Carolin Pehr

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“Do what you fancy or what fascinates you even if it does not fit in. Trying to please other people’s tastes with your creations is pointless” ~Carolin Pehr

Carolin Pehr is currently studying at the University of Vienna, leading the busy life of an artist and student. Her work is whimsical and enveloping. When discussing the freedom to create, Pehr shares, “I think it’s that loose and open-minded thoughts help to avoid a limitation of the outcome.” As it is to be found with many creatives, one must allow for creativity to walk with you and even lead.
Please view more of Pehr’s work on her IG @Carolin Pehr
“Because we can imagine we are free.” ~ Satire