Brown Sista By Ralvell Rogers II

I promise you that I’m down,


and I’ll bring more brothas around,



Not later on, but right now,


and they’ll be ready for a Right Now



Because I see you and my eyes weep.

My eyes see you and I can’t speak

of that brown skin.


You know I love that brown skin

that India.Arie spoke of.


That brown skin

nothing else more above

that brown skin.


A sweet melanin poppin’,

that no one is stoppin’


as life nourishes you to me,

I love my sistas irrevocably.


To caress between your knees

that’s not at all what I mean,


for I have me a Black Queen,

and my mother’s a mature dark seen

as none other than a supreme being.


My goal is to simply show

something that you may never know

because it’s never shown on the shows:


You are a Queen Bee,


you are the Queen Bee.


A purple crown goes ‘round

and ‘round above your storm

of clouds and rain and sunshine

that strains the body again

and again,


but this youthful dark brotha is here for you.

In fact,

I’ve never killed before,

but I’d kill for you

because that’s how strong my will’s


for you.


Your beauty is worth more than pure gold,


and I know by looking at that brown that shows,



Photo By Ralvell Rogers II