The Broke College Student

“Go to school”, they said

You’ll make “a lot”, six figures

Now I’m sitting here wondering, why am I not in that position?

Maybe I’m over exaggerating because that doesn’t seem realistic does

Seriously, why am I not in that position?

I mean, I work and all, but I still don’t have any money

Like, this situation is really sad

and it’s definitely not funny

No way, I didn’t picture my life to be like this

It’s so stressful, discouraging, and just a bunch of bullshit

“Don’t give up”, they said,

But how could you not?

Every time I think I’m getting to the top

I get knocked down a notch

At least I’m able to get back up though and dust myself off

I’m selling myself short

I couldn’t even tell you the cost

Broke College Student

What the hell is a meal?

I’m barely getting by because I’m constantly paying bills

My strength is often tested

As I push myself into more debt

Collecting knowledge I thought would actually be relevant

Eh, I guess it has its pros and cons

but I did learn a thing or two

Either you change your life, or it will definitely change you.