Break Free

Are you hiding inside your shell

Are you standing in the corner

Are you happy in this hell

Is the box you’re put in getting a little small

Are you tired of living,

With your back against the wall

Open your eyes

Open your mouth

Come on just yell

Let it all out

Step out of the shadows

Let them all know you’re here

Let’s cuff the hands of time

And lose the keys

No more living just to die

Too many moments have passed us by

There’s nothing you can find at the bottom of a bottle

You can’t find in the world outside

We all look at the same sky

Wish upon the same stars

Wishing we could break free from it all

No matter how much you deny

It’s as simple as it seems

It’s not about falling it’s about

Getting back up

The strength is inside you and me

Don’t let the world bring you down

Take my hand I’ll lift you up

It’s no longer time to be alone

There’s more to life than you’ve seen

Experience it before you’re gone

No, it’s not as cold as it seems

Solitude has been your home too long

But it’s broken down

You think you’re making a statement

Making waves

But you’re just going unnoticed

Take a chance before it’s too late

Cause you never know when it’s your time

Step out of the cage you put yourself in

Come on the door’s open

Take a step outside

Let go of the second guessing

And the self-pitying

Take a chance and love yourself

You know you deserve it

Even just for a little while

You don’t think you exist outside,

Your mind

But you are here

You are something

Just let yourself show

I can see the yearning deep down in your soul

Tame it and let it free

You’ll be whole

You’ll be complete