@Bowery Poetry: Astrid Ferguson

My name is Astrid Ferguson. I am the momma of the book Molt. I am a mom of two boys and a wife to an emerging Philly artist. Aside from poetry, I blog and work full time in the pharma industry. I began performing poetry as a way to market my book, but I’m finding I’m connecting with people like never before. I’m also outgrowing my shell of quiet Astrid who hardly spoke up. Through my poetry, my objective is to promote awareness of social and emotional issues revolving Afro-Latinas and women in general, including but not limited to domestic violence, abuse, and feminism. I also want to promote healing. I became serious about my journey after battling postpartum and this is what helped me overcome it.

A friend of mine Evany Martinez put me on Genre. I also decided to apply and Genre is the first place outside of my book where my work will be published. I also follow you guys on social media.

I have several YouTube and IGTV of my spoken word relating to my experience with domestic violence, Afro-Latina cultural issues, relationships as well as mental health awareness. I’m more of a poet who likes to speak about subjects that are thought-provoking by inviting the audience into my reality. I make great use of imagery because I want the audience to paint a picture and envision the emotion I’m trying to portray. Sometimes, I will also speak about the natural human behavior of rejecting what is not considered a norm like mental health.

I am mostly excited to perform alongside great performers in NY. I have never performed in NY before so this will be a great experience.

Genre: Urban Arts will be at Bowery Poetry in NYC October 28th, 2018, 6- 7:30 pm. We will have spoken-word, live music, and other performance arts. Click the button to purchase tickets.

Bowery Poetry