Blessing or Lesson

More often than not we let ourselves be surrounded by negativity. And things keep going wrong and we believe it’s wrong and unfair and we feed the cycle till we’re buried underneath it all.

After a while, we stop asking if that’s how it should be. And then we forget how it all started. We are forever lost in the darkness inside ourselves that was originated elsewhere but placed there. And we believe we deserve it. And we believe it’s our own damn fault. And it is. And it’s not. It is because we let it grow and take over. It’s not because we are not responsible for the environment we live in.

How is it possible to see positivity in a world like ours? Or how can you not let it affect you? But you can. And you should. And it’s not selfish. It’s ok. To see the world as it is and decide you’re going to do better is not wrong. To decide you want to be happy is not a problem. Things will happen and get in the way but not everything we wish for is going to be good for us. So learn to accept things as they come. Blessing or lesson, learn from it and move on.

As they say, there are no bad things that will last forever and so we can say about happiness. Everything shall pass and it’s up to you (and me) to take the best from it while it lasts.
© Máh Lima

Photo by Tj Holowaychuk on Unsplash