Baltimore Art Scene

My family and I had an awesome opportunity this weekend. We were lucky enough to tour Graffiti Alley, Graffiti Warehouse, and the Motor House. These amazing places are all located in the acclaimed, but down to earth, Baltimore art district. Graffiti Alley’s inspirational work, and the artistic venue, all make for a perfect setting for beautiful, energetic art! Throughout the course of photographing the magnificent art, I began to learn which artists were responsible for most of the photos I had taken. Once I made a personal connection, I believed it to be my accidental privilege to share their art with others. We had spent hours looking at the many displays. When I was able to get ahold of a few of the artists, they unanimously cited other artists that came before as their biggest inspirations. Our artists also described to me one of the most generous, and friendly, learning environments around. If you didn’t already know, Graffiti Alley is a constantly changing canvass! People come for the art, but they always stay for the good people of the community. It would be my pleasure to introduce our audience to the fantastic artists I had the privilege to get to know.

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