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What poetry is to me by Ayesha Noor

poetry is

the exorcist of my demons

the water that puts out the fire in my mind

the surgeon that stitches the shredded pieces of my soul back together

the angel on my shoulder that keeps the devil from ruining me irrevocably

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Blind Faith

We are a group of travelers.
Each speaking a different language,
with the same goal in mind.
Failing to reach the destination
for lack of communication
as we muddle through space and time.

It’s a predictable predicament.
Useless eyes that refuse to see
through the lies. Hopelessly shuffling
towards an edge that leads to our own demise.

At some point in the journey,
an agenda was birthed.
Divide and conquer
was the propaganda.
Unity could no longer be served.

We jump into the void with our blind faith.
Eyes closed. Holding back the crocodile tears.
Failing to hear the message
muffled by the sound whistling in our ears.



Art Credit: Nour


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Be Present, Stay Wild

Time and its illusion of clockwork.
Perhaps, created to cope with existentialism
Ultimately feeding into consumerism
We appear to connect through a coded probability
Undoubtedly, disconnecting in reality
A species, broken by regression, through technological progression
Resulting in being less organic and more mechanic
Compartmentalizing our thoughts like computerized bots
It’s schematic
When I catch myself clock watching, in worry of time gone too soon,
I get on all fours, arch my back and howl at the dark side of the moon


Photo Credit: Nour

IG: @sparksflyidraw

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Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me

Conformity put my fire out.
It was a lonely place, the dark of night.
Nothing but the faint glow radiating from my embers.
Let’s flash it back to one cold day in September.
I was a young exotic fruit, fresh off the boat, and I remember…
feeling downhearted. They told me foreign lies to get closer
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