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Eternally absent.

Eternally absent.

Who are you?
That’s the wrong question.
Who am I?
The one who threw
the rock in the pond.
What do you want from me?
The stone is thrown
I am light
and I’m leaving behind
your questions.


Eternamente assente.

Chi sei tu?
E’ la domanda sbagliata.
Chi sono io?
Quella che ha gettato
il sasso nello stagno.
Cosa vuoi da me?
Il sasso è gettato
sono leggera
e mi lascio alle spalle
le tue domande.


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The Ballad of the Lemon

The ballad of the lemon


(Small poem on chromatic prohibitions)


(Yellow sun-blinding yellow-yellow yellow)

If you eat lemons will not have your period

If you eat lemons you will not have satisfactions

If you brush your hair while you have “those” things

You block them for sure

(Yellow-green-yellow-yellow acid)

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Blue Sky.

Blue Sky.


The vein of the pelvis numbs

It slams the bone ridge

It thought of the night currents of the Sky

It thought of knowing

the Sand and the Moon.


It got wild

and surprised the Moon.


©Stefania Morgante

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Urban Art and Venetian Gothic city

Udine: a Hapsburg city with Venetian influences. White stones and opaque iron that embellishing the balconies with Liberty drawings.

Udine is a town in the northeast of Italy, rich in decorations and rigorous, imposing and serious buildings.

Then suddenly, in the city center, under the Studio of some Professionals, here are the contemporary artworks: A child face weeping, it almost seems like a Caravaggio that is revealed to people.

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#urbanBW: we can start with the treasure hunt!

Walking through the streets of the city, curiously, you can see the binary rhythm of black/white that runs through the daily live of people.

The rhythm pulsates through the sidewalks, the stones underneath the trees, the asphalt and the crosswalks, the lampposts, cars, and tanks.

It’s and excellent exercise for our pencils and pens on a paper sheet, to observe how life around us influences what we’re going to draw.

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Just a Note

Hello, world. I am Stefania from Italy. I am the author of “The Morst“. What is The Morst? What’s more.”The joyful and rhythmic side of life. Colors, shapes, and thoughts moving. Dream about yellow, eat red, breathe blue”. I want to talk with you about Arts, urban and street Arts and colorful shapes around and inside us. Continue reading Just a Note