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The Way We Raise Our Children

A child who grows and has difficulty making decisions, is probably a child who got that taken away from him.

I believe there is a choice in the way we raise our children. And one of the most important things we give to them is the freedom of choice.
Our children are either taught from young how to make decisions or they aren’t. Many times the choices are made for them. What results from this? These children often grow not knowing how to make a choice. Many times they go with the flow, or they settle for anything when they are rendered indecisive. And this is never a good thing for they will struggle for a voice in the world which demands them to make choice unlike the child who was taught from young to say what they wanted. Sometimes, we can blame it on being an introvert which makes it difficult to speak up when we’re an adult, but at the end of the day, it is our upbringing which contributes and affects the choices we make.
I am an example of a child, now adult who very much finds it difficult to make a choice, and I wish I was given more room to be more independently me. I wish there was room to speak and not be shut up by a stare for saying a wrong sentence or for not doing the right thing. However, I am learning everyday how to make decisions. I am learning what I should’ve learnt since I was young. But the going isn’t easy, it gets tough because an introvert and empath, I still battle with indecisive moments. And I must say, these moments aren’t comfortable. It’s breaking comfort zones everyday.
By: Soshinie A. Singh, Author of The Phoenix Letters and The Phoenix Letters Return
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Petition against Child Rape

There are many things which go unnoticed and unmentioned around the world. One of these things is the rape culture in India. Recently, young girls, 8 and 9 years of age were raped. It is incredibly heartbreaking news. Below is a link to a petition against child rape. Please sign it. Please, let’s save humanity.

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Welcoming 2018


2017 was a rough year for many, and 2018 seems like a shooting star because all we can do is hope and feel that it will be a better year. I feel it deeply. 2018 is meant to be a good year. But it also makes me scared. Scared of what’s ahead. I am in the present but through my writings I also live in the past, as well as the future with the hope with each keystroke I can place strength, hope and love in everyone’s heart. Keep the hope alive, and never give up. Because whatever you experienced in 2017 was preparing you for the best of 2018. Never give up on hope. Never give up on love. Never lose strength.

by: Soshinie A. Singh

Author of The Phoenix Letters, The Phoenix Letters Return & The Mist Calling

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Contributing Editor: Soshinie A. Singh’s Books

The Phoenix Letters Series

Letters to My Younger Self


The Phoenix Letters Series is made up of two books, The Phoenix Letters and The Phoenix Letters Return. They are here to remind you of how far you have come, how much further you have to go and where you are presently. Continue reading Contributing Editor: Soshinie A. Singh’s Books

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Do not dream nor anticipate my arrival … Either way I will not come

Do not dream nor anticipate my arrival

Either way I will not come


The snow of winter

The rain of storm

The hail of disaster

Be your tears

That’ll flow like the river

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Tattoo of Us

I looked into the mirror,

And began to see the needle

Commence its work,

Of patching my holes,

And etching my dreams

For you,

For us,

Onto my skin,

To be worn like invisible tattoos

That only my skin can feel

Cradling me everywhere I go,

With the artistry lullaby,

You soothe my skin into sleeping with peace,

And when I looked up,

Straight into my eyes,

I see you smiling there,

With a secret to hold me today,

As I walk away towards another day.

© Soshinie Singh

Author of The Phoenix Letters and The Mist Calling

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What would you see?

I wonder what you would see

If you look me in the eyes…

Would you see how hallow I feel?

Empty, yearning for a fill

Would you see how cracked

with bruises and scars

I am,

Trying to reach for the sky,

But unable to grasp the nearest branch,

Can you tell how scared I am,

to be numb?

Unable to connect the blinking dots even to myself.

I wonder what you would see…

If you look me in the eyes,

And stare into this petrifying soul,

Waiting to succumb to the binding light.

© Soshinie Singh

Author of The Phoenix Letters and The Mist Calling

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Parched Lips

My lips have become

A parched land

From the drought

Of not saying your name

For so long,

Even when my tongue

Brushes over the cracked surface

I feel a familiar ache

To just return to the taste of you

Upon my lips,

But then I remember,

No matter the yearning for you to be the one,

There were empty kisses you left behind,

A trail my lips have tried to erase,

But, parches over instead,

Leaving croaks of syllables in the air.


© Soshinie Singh

Author of the Phoenix Letters and the Mist Calling

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I have had my heart broken. Heck, I have most likely broken my own heart. And maybe, I’m at the brink of doing that again. And I thought I knew what endurance was, until now. Nothing beats the present circumstances, not even heartbreak. My endurance is being tested at the ultimate level, being away from all things familiar, and the safety of comfort zones. Living in a place I am not sure I can ever truly call home. I am left alone, to feel invisible because I chose to step out of my mind and voice the things that cause me to self-destruct. Yet, it feels like I should’ve stayed quiet and turned my gears to suit the mechanics at the behest of everyone, except myself. My endurance is confronted with the lonely feeling of having no one to fall onto, to tell me “it’ll work out”. It’s just me trying to tell myself, trying to tell my body that “it’ll be okay, you just need to focus on what you’re here for.” But, that’s not always comforting. And the only outstretched arms I see, are the ones limping at my sides, yearning for a reprieve. So my eyes droop low, tired from crying, rendering my blood to sweat acid, burning away at my organs. I guess that’s just what’s called “being hard on myself,” as I try to see past my vision onto everyone’s point of view. Hoping I’ll be strong enough to see through the fog when all these voices surround me, yet none addresses me. I thought I knew what endurance was, but now, I truly know what it means, because there is no escape in sight for me. And my organs bleed, as the blade stabs through endlessly.


© Soshinie Singh

Author of the Phoenix Letters and the Mist Calling

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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

It is said,
Once bitten, twice shy
And I couldn’t agree more with this,
More than anything
I wanted to pull the curtain, and
Allow the light to enter,
I wanted to be the one
To make a difference in your life,
The one that could be life-changing
But, not in the way
Things worked out,
Leaving me to a predicament
That would burn like a wildfire,
So, every time I have the urge
To be the saving grace again
My hand tingles from the burn
That it suffered ever so long ago,
Placing a hesitant hip in every step I take.


© Soshinie Singh

Author of the Phoenix Letters and the Mist Calling




Photo Credit: Jon Bright, Jr.

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The Canopy

‘West Coast Canopy’ by Randy Hayashi (sourced from Pinterest)

Silently in the night

The canopy rocks



Uprooted from the limbs.

She remembered

She once held a canopy

Like a crystal ball she trusted



And tranquil.

But, then the canopy snapped

Leaving behind a deafening silence

In the mind’s storm.

© Soshinie Singh

Author of the Phoenix Letters and the Mist Calling

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Ripples of Hope


I watched the ripples take my life away towards the center of hope. I lose my direction sometimes, but the currents always lead me back home. I find my equilibrium in the reflection of my smile because all I see is that I must breathe for myself in a place where my breathing is threatened to be ceased. So, I swim towards hope and yearn for its caresses to keep me safe in its embrace.

© Soshinie Singh

Author of the Phoenix Letters and The Mist Calling


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Everyday, we are given the opportunity to bloom with every gifted breath that we take. We get to change ourselves. We get to change the things that we do not like and that is within our control.

Our bodies become as sacred as a plant. Our limbs, the leaves often get snagged off in the process. Sometimes being ripped apart from bites delivered by those close. But, when our old decays, and transformation begins, we wither like the petals, wilting with such drooping grace to allow something new to bait the world.

Everyday, we are gifted with the opportunity to turn our lives around. Do not waste each breath on trivialities and do not let each tatter and tear to render you lifeless.

Our bloom is the sun for our cries.

Written by: Soshinie Singh

Author of The Phoenix Letters and The Mist Calling