Author: Shimah Easter

I embody all Cancer-female traits. All of them. Every last one. And so I write so that the weight of heavy emotions doesn't take me completely under. I've been a nurse for 10 years - mainly maternal health. Seeing so much life - the very beginning to the sweet-bitter end and all the in-between has left me with a lot to write about. I am a clinically soft person in that, I use my right and left brain intensely every minute of every single day. This has been the biggest blessing of my life (finding and practicing multiple passions) aside from the birth and the rearing of my daughter. I'm learning to love life and trying not to side-eye the folks who declare an already-love of life. I was born and raised in the South and enjoy reading and writing in a way that makes the dialect jump out at you - it's a delicate balance making this sort of language work and I hope to master it completely!