Author: Saumya Puri

Presently, a high school graduate based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Future communication student. Relentlessly penning her thoughts down in the form of notions. She has real love towards long walks under the beautiful night sky and long drives. Partially an insomniac. Currently, working on her upcoming book. She has always been a high-spirited girl. Writing isn't just her hobby, those words are mainly what her heart really wants to spill out. Writing is just something else for her. She belongs to another world when she starts writing. For her, it is a journey of sundry thoughts. It has the ability to put her at the place of the protagonist and think accordingly. Inclined more towards snippets, poetry, conceptual write-ups. Writing isn't about her fragility, it is about her strengths that were once her weakness. Her maturity basically varies, depending upon the situation she is into. Felicity and positivity are etched in her heart irrespective of the hardship she may come across. Her words are her solely her power, genuine and hers. She is 18 years young. Be it 18 or 80, her heart will always be strong and free, and writing will still be her source of freedom and strength.