Author: Roomana Shaikh

Hi! I am Roomana, daughter of immigrant parents who come from a land called Pakistan that has sweet mangoes and tropical weather. I am a proud New Yorker who races in sidewalks along slow people. I am also proud of where I was raised and that's the Bronx, a very misunderstood area of New York. Currently, I'm a college student in my last semester (yay!) and I am majoring in English and a minor in Asian American Studies. Oh and if you haven't noticed from my profile picture, I am a Muslim. Besides this, a writer is also part of my identity. In fact, it's a huge part. I don't just write about love, but also on the many issues in this world such as race, sexism and so forth. Writing has been a part of me since my first ever racist encounter, and it hasn't left me. I have embraced it, and continue to grow with it. If there is no art in life, then what is life?