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The forest then spoke in an archaic language

long forgotten by God’s begotten sons and daughters.

The voice of roaring waters

that seeped so deep into its roots,

from the days of the first seeds sown

and fall of the first fruit.

Its message was that of the days of old,

nights of prehistoric bygones,

movements that have assumed their place

in the current currents,

washing over us in reoccurrence.

I understood as song,

leapt from leafy jaw: Love thine self and all in you will flourish.


Ricardo Hanley Jr.

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In Your Embrace

The kettle let out a heated cry.

The rising steam accompanied by familiar song settled as the flame died.

The jasmine leaves I had gathered, with hands shifting the paradigm,

legs changing the pattern of life’s direction,

my instinctive temple lead by scents through aromatic inspection.

All gave way for the succession of a relaxing night,

in your embrace.

Your taste as potent as the freshly brewed tea.

I found serenity in you

when you opened and receive me.

Ricardo Hanley Jr.


Photography: Ahmed Ashhaadh