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Purple Walls and Picture Frames

Purple walls and picture frames
Shifts my stance
So slightly
I barely fit the box
Of your consciousness
Please tell me your ways
So I can make it my accomplishment
Others try to calculate
How abstract the concept is
Of love that permeates
Invisible lines



Photo Credit: @writing.for.the.calm

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If Only Our Souls Wasn’t So Translucent

Hatred permeates through walls

If only our souls wasn’t so translucent

To capture the very essence of innocence

That blooms tenderly under your nourishment

Continually I seek your guidance

Eventually your approval controlled my actions

Will you please excuse my weakness

Trust me you will never be able

To penetrate my vulnerabilities again

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Sick and Tired

I’m sick and tired of your games
Always guilt tripping me in passive aggressive ways
I’m sick of you invading my space
Please do me a favor and stay in your place
I’m sick of being asked one last chance
When in the end you leave with no trace
I’m sick of my chronic illness
That consumes my life forces away
I’m sick of being labeled as ungrateful
When all I did was sacrifice my life
I’m sick of the devil tempting me in so manys
Yet, I cry Lord have mercy on me for my sinful ways





Photo Credit: Lanaya

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I Wrote You a Message

I wrote you a message and sent it to the wall
I wonder did you read after all
I laid bare my vulnerabilities unashamed
Mustered the courage to tell you my pain
I patiently wait for your answer
Having me reminisce all the times
I’ve been Ignored by loves ones
My weaknesses of
Not having a voice
Not having a choice
Your punishment for doing right is a wealth of neglect
Well I digress
I hope the wall received my message after all

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Black Men Struggles

I’m tired of hearing the white men troubles

When you can’t even describe the frame that fits the white men struggles

You refuse to get out of your own little bubble

You stay look the other way and fabricating a world that’s all your own

Meanwhile I watch my brothers and sisters hustle for a living

Working double as a result of their melanin

Knowing that eventually we will hit a glass ceiling, because they will never let us in

It’s society’s little secret hush hush

As our blood paints the pavement

From the officers we were taught to trust in

The media only tries to downplay the climate of our environment

America’s global racism hits us in passive aggressive ways

The only way to escape is to tell our children to behave

Because any sort of resistance can mean an early grave

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Early Coronation Mentality

I wanted to set my thoughts free

By loading my past mistakes

And one by one hoping it will

Crown my temple royal

Memorialize my pain gold

For others to recognize my demons

That plagued me silent

Missed so many opportunities

That’s what haunts me

Being silenced by the majority

Just to be politically correct

Everyday people are faced with an early coronation

Will you be that person they can confine in?


Will you push them to the edge with your actions?