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Becoming One

Our foreheads press together as we lie

Breath exhaled from your lungs becomes entangled with mine

I am enveloped by our intimacy

Secrets I’ve never shared sit tucked away in the shadows of my memory

Now they escape my mouth again

Into a place you’ve made safe


Our foreheads press together

Our breath becomes entangled

Our selves transform into one being

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I Am Not Afraid of Time

There’s a faint voice in my chest
Telling me I have no time on which to hold
Insisting that I hurry
Whispering steadily, speedily
That I quicken my step
Hasten my ascent to ever fleeting success
Incessantly reminding me of my age
And that I am becoming too old for firsts or fresh starts
So I speak over myself
Drowning out the tick-tocking
While respecting that I only get so many before I end
I will acknowledge but will not fear time




Photography: Lanaya