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An Open Letter To Closet Feminists


I know you believe in equality for all. I know you are passionate about it but afraid at the same time. I applaud you for being a feminist in the first place, whether you are a man or a woman. I know society expects you to go with the ‘status quo’ and that it will shame you if you dare step out of line.

The injustices and ignorant arguments may baffle and infuriate you, and you may want to speak out against them but you don’t because you don’t want to be isolated from the pack. Trust me, I understand. You may think you are alone, but I can promise you there are many others out there who have the same beliefs as you. All it takes to find your fellow feminists is a little courage. Don’t be afraid to be alone, you won’t be for long. It’s easier to be alone with your truth than it is to be in a crowd with lies slowly suffocating your soul.

I too have had moments where I’ve stepped out of the closet for a night, only to retreat back into the familiar safety of the darkness when I’ve been challenged by someone close to me. It’s those closest to us that we usually have the most trouble standing up to. But we have to learn to stand up for not only ourselves but also for those that do not have the privilege of having their screams for justice be heard. We need to persevere so that their throats aren’t hoarse from shouting for no reason. We can do this together. Step by step, inch by inch, unfurl your spines, ground your feet, lift your heads, and step out of the closet.


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my mind is on fire—A poetry Collection by Ayesha Noor


A collection of poetry about battling depression, anxiety and the process of healing from mental illness, with a dash of feminism thrown in. 138 pages of brutal honesty!

Ayesha Noor is a poet, mental health advocate, and feminist who isn’t afraid of talking and writing about the hard stuff.


Purchase a copy here by clicking the title =>  my mind is on fire.


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Keep Fighting For What You Believe In


I know you believe in yourself and your right to equality. I know you are not afraid to stand in front of a hundred strangers and talk about it. I know you can go head-to-head with an ignorant classmate and win. Yet for some reason, when it comes to the ones closest to you, not only do you let them shut down your opinions but you literally mute yourself. When your father asks to see your latest spoken word performance and you say “it’s about feminism so you probably don’t want to see it” and he agrees with you, you accept it as normal. When he says to show him the video anyways but keep it on mute so he can see the view, you do it obediently. All the while feeling ashamed that you have such strong opinions that don’t fit the norm. But at the same time, feeling ashamed that you didn’t stand up for yourself. That you muted yourself, LITERALLY! I know it is hard to straddle the line between two different worlds, and of two different versions of yourself, but you must keep doing it. Until one day both of your feet are on the same side of the line, and nothing can make you take a step back over it. It is hard, but I promise you it will be worth it. So please keep fighting no matter what.




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I go to the hospital so often

with one undiagnosable illness

after the other

that I can recognise the doctors

and automatically know which department they work for

it only takes my mind a few seconds to place them

after all, they’ve all treated me at least three times

if not ten

my broken body was a toll so heavy

it broke my mind

physical illness

morphed into mental illness

like humans shapeshift into lycans

except this change wasn’t mythical


-oh, how I wish it was mythical