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Featured Artist: Jaelen Isis

Come view works by Jaelen Isis at Woodland Pattern BookCenter on February 9th, 2018, 6-9pm.

I am a watercolor painter located in Chicago. I specializing in portraiture and mixed media. Watercolor brings forth an emotion to the eye; whatever the piece of art may be, the observer instantly feels a connection as an effect to the natural movements of the paint. The versatility of watercolor contributes to the color, detail, and movement of my pieces. 


In my paintings, I portray men, women, young people, people of color, etc. in relation to the stereotypes frequently attached to them. Using mixed media (if you look closely) you see illustrations hidden within the colors and lines of the background and foreground of each piece. Continue reading Featured Artist: Jaelen Isis

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Featured Artist: Ivan Vazquez

Inspired by the connection between Hip Hop culture and Sade, my subject had to become a symbol of femininity. As an artist, I feel compelled to engage and contribute to the feminist movement. I created a street art campaign in Chicago to combat misogyny and gender inequality in today’s society. My art initiative spread amongst cities nationwide and overseas. “Recognize the Queen within and them Queen’s around you” is a title I focus on. The message challenges the masculinized version of words. The linear designs in the artwork symbolize the need for balance in the ever-changing new world.


Ivan Vazquez is a Mexican American visual artist born and based in Chicago Illinois. Ivan’s work tells stories pertaining to humanistic, domestic, cultural, and social issues from an urban vantage point with heavy doses of hip-hop culture. Self-taught his work is Realism, Surrealism, Pop art, Portrait, and Modern abstract expressionism. An artist of the times Ivan’s work itself controversial yet progressive questions social structure and the effects of it on modern day society. His work has been featured in sponsored shows/events ranging from the Jordan Brand, Don Julio Tequila, Mountain Dew, Red Bull Music Academy, The NBA, Pepsi Co., and Toyota. Ivan Vazquez has shown in Pop up’s and Gallery’s in most major cities in the country and abroad. He continues to push boundaries and work that creates a spark of positivity for our youth. Come take a look into the past, present, and most importantly the future with visuals from Ivan Vazquez’s budding collection “Stakes Is Higher”.



I’ve lost people really close to me due to the senseless violence Chicago is known for. My art is a way I grieve and at the same time heal”it’s my way to pay tribute to them and empower/educate youth with positive and relate-able alternative lifestyles. I am a product of Chicago Hip Hop culture, and because of that, I am grateful to be alive.

My paintings are a reflection of how it feels and looks growing up in Chicago. My subjects are often very young. The visuals as personal as they are they are meant to empower, unify,  inspire and, educate. There is a brutality, and a darkness in my work as well as a sense of serenity, promise, and deep love. My goal is to preserve and contribute to the culture and represent the misrepresented.

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Top 10 Posts of 2017—No. 4

Vibed out Eli $tones

IG: @elistizzy

Hear more from Eli $tones



Q: How do you describe your music?

A: This is a really hard question to answer because I still feel like I haven’t found out who I really am yet as an artist. I just dropped this song called “Hell Of A Guy” and I’ve had a few people tell me “Yo, Eli! This is your sound, bro! Stick with this!” But I don’t like to stick to one sound because not only do I feel like people get bored hella’ fast, it also makes me feel uncomfortable; as if I’m not able to express my full ability. At the same time, I want to try to appeal to as many crowds/tastes in music as I possibly can. But to answer the question for right now I guess I would describe my music as versatile since I’m always switching it up and trying new sounds.
Q: What makes you stand out from the other artists in the game right now?
A: I think what makes me stand out from other artists right now, especially in my city, is the fact that I’m not afraid to make myself vulnerable. I have a few songs where I boast, just like every other rapper, but I also have a good collection where I talk about how small I feel sometimes as an artist/person.
Q: What is the hardest thing that you have faced in you music career?
A: Some people might not understand this and might think I sound crazy, but I think the hardest thing for me about being a rapper is being primarily white in a primarily black industry. I feel like people don’t take me seriously enough or underestimate me as an artist sometimes because of my race. But hey, if Logic can make it then why can’t I? I ain’t letting all that bullshit hold me back. I feel like at the end of the day my creativity overcomes all that; fuck a hater! 

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No. 3 Cover Designed by Paul Fuentes

We are happy to announce that our No. 3 cover is by artist Paul Fuentes. We cannot wait to get these prints into your hands. The magazine will be released in February. 

We are STILL accepting submissions for our No. 3 mag until December 20th.


Submissions can include:




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