At My Best…IDFWU

You were a lesson
Who I was not afraid to choose
And at my best, I’m never really
Afraid to lose
Because through loss
We all gain perspective
So, you were a choice
And I? Well, I was selective
You were never a mistake
Just a divine option…
I was brave enough to make

And I’d do it all again
Just to admire
How the beauty of us
Transforms and transcends

He asked, “what in you has changed?
You seem happier, more at peace.
As we become more and more estranged.
Seems like…well, like you don’t fuck with me.”

And I replied…with this:
After all that you’ve put me through
Still, grace never left my side
And though I have no more room for you
I’ll never try to hide
That I love you…still
And probably…always will
But if it’s regret that you need
As proof from me
That I hold no ill will
And can swallow whole the pill
Of the love and hate, I’ve expended
As if I can’t accept our time has ended
I can’t just hand that over anymore
Something else is knocking at my door
For sorrow is through with me
And I can embrace her tendency
To go on to one more welcoming of her
Spend the time it takes for them to mature
But as for me, and all that houses my soul
Regret. Just don’t live here no more

Every day I’m thankful for all my lessons
Even the ones that housed disappointment
But came dressed as blessings
For me and you, the same is true
And you’re correct in your assumption
I. Don’t. Fuck. With. You.
And the only reason I’d want you back
Would be to torture the shit outta you
So no, there are no regrets
Still…”I’m over it” doesn’t really prove true
But I can’t stress enough…