Artist Marilynj: A Selection of Works & Commentary

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Artist Marilynj is a multifaceted artist whose work snatches the viewer’s breath away. Each work is a meditation in itself, and with there being simply so many elements to each piece, one could easily get lost in art itself. Her work provides an incredible amount of mindfulness.


During a conversation with Marilynj, a student at Ringling College of Art and Design, she mentioned that her journey to becoming the artist who she is today is formed by various factors, including doubt from teachers who could have guided her along to her uncertainty of what type of art to study, which led to her dabbling in various genres of art. These factors not only solidified her path to Art, but also provides the thought provoking depth which is exhibited in her art. This is what sets Marilynj’s work apart from other artists.

Concerning her work, Marilynj explained, “I’m just trying to figure myself out as an artist. It’s been a journey- a very interesting one. I met so many people that made me change my views on things. My  biggest inspiration comes from some of the greatest artist in history, but I just want to twist it with a little bit of urban art (graffiti). What seem to be illegal or taboo can be the most beautiful things people never focus on.” It is safe to say, we here at Genre: Urban Arts definitely agree. We are huge graffiti lovers this way.

Marilynj also proposes the necessity of teaching the youth that the art isn’t only just a “pretty picture,” and encourages youth to critique work and look at what emotion the piece is emoting.

Find more of Marilynj’s work here: and on her IG @Marilynjhayzey.