Arthur Jackson V: Queer PoC Anthology Editor

Arthur Jackson V is a Queer Afro American poet, and painter from San Francisco California, with an interest in redefining language in poetry. Arthur wants to challenge the reader to think outside of their comfort zone, making the reading an interactive experience. Jackson is currently working on his first collection of poetry To Boys With Green Hair. Seeking to bring a voice/perspective to the LGBTQI+ POC community. Jackson wants to spread understanding to those who haven’t lived the same experience, and, also for other Queer POC identifying to read and know that they are not alone (that someone out their has the same experiences). Jackson is looking to string people together and create a closer knit community through art, and make the world a little less lonely. You can find his poetry in publications such as Decolonise Fest,, Anaise and more. Jackson will be moving to Paris this coming spring to attend culinary school and begin work on a cookbook.
Social Media: Instagram- @Afro_pup