An Interview with Abraham Onkst

The work of Abraham Onkst is an colouful  story told with acrylic paint. His work is informed by experience and feeling. Reactionary to canvas. I think this sets his work apart. Often, artists sketch or draw guidelines to but, he does not. His sits before paint, surface, feels then paints. No reigns, or lines to bind him. That takes bravery that a lot of artist lack. What a fearless way to tell the story of life and soul. 

Abraham looking dapper

 GUA: What inspired your new art style? I get notes of basquiat. Do you get that often? 

   A0:    Sometimes people relate my work to basquiat, pollock, or Kooning, which are all compliments in my eyes. Truly I never try to emulate other artists styles, but I am extremely observant and I definitely subconsciously draw inspiration from all artists and art forms! I draw a lot of inspiration from my life experiences. I have feelings of things I want to say, but there aren’t words to say them. So I make pictures instead(: 

    GUA:    What informs your work?

  A0:    The largest driving factor in my work is the idea of embracing my truth. I have the need to express what’s written in my soul, and everyone has the right to do that without being filtered by anyone’s expectations or opinions. Embracing my truth. Doing what feels right. I want to spread positivity  big time, but even more importantly… authenticity. My works tell story’s of my life, and the lives of others. The great thing about them is the viewer can either spend a brief time looking at them, or take a deeper look for a more in depth story. 

Artwork by Onkst

    GUA:    What is your favorite part of the creative process? 

 A0:    My creative process starts with my living my life and observing. Which can be incredibly fun, but also sometimes kind of boring! I don’t Sketch, or draw anything out, I just feel a certain way, then begin creating. Adding the finishing touches to a piece is definitely the most exciting part. I love hanging up a new piece as well. 

Abraham Onkst 

You can keep up with Abe Onkst here:

Onkst Showing Friday, February 22nd, 2019 6pm 321 Gallery 
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Cover art by Abe Onkst