Alone is long water

a poem by Kyle Trujillo


And we are all the world in

Patches of black vegetables, naked

Uninvited and fallible.


The fire dies between us. Companionship

Into darkness. A cracked and sucked femur.

Warm bodies taken to ashy knife by the

Whispers under empty. We drink in time and

Stare exhausted against the glass blank sea.


Half the world is bloodied wool.

The other all is coal black plums.

Stone as warmth and falling

Rapture slow to blue sky soil.


Hard voice of you in resting worry puts me

Starched against the roaring hills.

I wake in calm, lungs completely weak.

Paper scrub that echoes smoke, stretched through

The hangnail of our frozen shoreline. I remember

With the bruising in your eyes and mouth how

This fate eclipsed the road and so left us off surviving.


No better than murdered animals are we

For the outside picture of human love.

Swallowed emotion like rubber bullets.

Partial death indigestible, survived by

Calcium artifacts and vitriol.


I walk the ocean’s mouth for breathing.

You drink the tide for human weakness.

Dirty skin, puckered mouth and half-gouged eyes.

Our living flesh is lost in water. Our

Coughing fits to spit out clouds of moth.

We are the flossed out meat and weakening

And panicking vibrations in fade to stale gold.


We lonely two in eerie tide.

The parted skin of a neck been slit.

A wisp of cloud as razor past my dream.

How a leech’s meal will miss its vein, and

You are still alive inside this narrow shore,

Destroying pretty seashells with the

Burned, blackening edge of your fist.


Your grinning cage of flattened ribs.

I stuff my throat with stones from wash, and

Shattered crabs crawl past our anxious soul.

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