All of me

What do you mean when you say
you want all of me, in all of you?
Does it mean you want my demons
locked away up, in the cage of my heart
or my angels that reside in my instincts
battling with my demons, in my mind.
Does it mean you want my strengths
that make me move every muscle in yours
by shouldering both of our dark emotions
or my weaknesses, for you to obscure them
with every figment of your sublime patience.
Does it mean you want all of my galaxies
a regime of stars, constellations, and planets
dwelling inside me, while I could still
rouse a Starfire, and bring down darkness.
Does it mean, you want, in the end,
all my imperfections, while I can still, pose
as a masterpiece, perfect to eyes of no one
but yours, forever?

– If its a yes to all of these
well then, I’m all yours.

(from ‘MUSINGS OF A SPEARHEAD’- to be published)