The Abstract Auto-Bio

The Abstract Auto-Bio

The quietest noise I ever made, made a huge impact on paper. Or was the impact felt on canvas? I go in between mediums, like a medium? Okay, so I like double meanings. I am a lover of puns. I wish I could understand the complexities of my own mind. Let us travel into thoughts as they unravel.

The first person I ever looked up to was, Prince. Yes, I was 3 and no the music of Prince isn’t for toddlers. My parents were 20. I still felt the creativity despite graduating to pull-ups. I heard the words and even though I had no idea what “Darling Nikki” was about or “Beautiful Ones” meant, it all resonated. The second person I ever looked up to, Salvador Dali. I was obviously a complex child. My imagination was as wild as his stilted elephants and warped clocks. I was moved. I discovered you could bend your world at will. The third person I ever looked up to was, Vincent Van Gogh. His history is dark and narrowing. It ends in tragedy, but if you dig deep into his life. You see how it wound around uncertainty consistently. He received no true recognition, until his death at 37!

All these artists left a mark on my life. They allowed me to gain access to myself. They showed me, it can be done and it will be done. They asked for no permission. In my mind, the highest form of rebellion comes from creation. There are no boundaries. Thank God, because I am a mess.



Green Marble ( Acrylic on Canvas) by C. Watkins