Genre: Urban Arts is seeking to promote a renaissance. Genre: Urban Arts is designed to supports the Arts through publication on our site as well as our Quarterly Newspaper.  By highlighting these artists we act as a support to those in urbanity who create now.

In addition to supporting the contemporary artist, we are working to create opportunities for youth and adults alike via workshops that are constructed to promote creativity within our community.

Genre: Urban Arts is currently seeking creative works in all modes that represent urbanity at its finest. We are a creative and brilliant people. Genre: Urban Arts is focused on the satisfaction of the psyche through creative expression. Our goal is to participate in renaissance. Join us.

The founder is a life long Milwaukee resident of Milwaukee. She has a Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction with an Emphasis on  Creative Writing from the University of Milwaukee. She is a currently an educator in Milwaukee for both secondary & post-secondary  education.

Genre: Urban Arts primary focus is to highlight creativity that stems from urban environments.

Please join us in this mission!



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