a word from Dyzzi: 

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I was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois. I always wanted to be a rapper as a kid due to my influences. I moved to Parklawn in Milwaukee when I was around 5 or 6 to get away from traumatic events my mother & I experienced. It’s impossible for me to represent 1 out of the 2 so I rep both when I’m gone– both Chicago and Milwaukee. They are both a part of me.

I make music that is heavily reminiscent of the 90s hip-hop sound. I grew up on it & grew up quite fond of it rather than more contemporary music. My intention is to appeal to kids and adults who admire the classic sound as well as to tell the story of dramatic events.  Putting myself out there allows others who may be experiencing similar events know that they’re not alone. I established my own Team/Company: Diverse “DivSel” Selection.