A Trip to Sephora

She uses foundation lighter than her tone
Since fair and lovely doesn’t work

Doesn’t like her mono lids,
Changes it with a new makeup tool

Tries to make her eyes
Less “Chinese”, less “Asian”

Straightens her hair
To hide away her natural fro
Her wild curls

They have enough spray tans for white girls to get darker
But not enough foundation shades for darker skin

Pick a few girls light enough to pass as white
From third world countries
And call it diversity

Find brown and black girls
That they feel fit to their standard
Of deep, ebony shades

She wants a pretty pink lipstick
But all the models that wear it are fair
So how would she know what it’s like for her brown skin

Black girl with full big lips
gets mocked
Kylie Jenner gets a new lip,
And a new makeup line

Her mother was attacked for wearing a bindi
But it’s all fine when it’s for a western music festival

Another day
Another girl wearing some kind
Of culture appropriated hair on Instagram

Muslim girl wears an abaya
Or traditional clothes and she’s teased
But it’s all good when forever 21
Or h&m sell it

Do you see the pattern?
As long as you’re white you’re fine
Look any more ethnic and
you’re either exotified or in a shadow

They say makeup is to express, to enhance the natural
Fashion is to show off you
But as women of color, we’re still trapped