A dance in the dark

Now I find myself dancing
to the frantic beat of my heart
at the threshold of judgment
desperate for a figment of
something positive, warm
but realise that I’m shackled
by cynical negations, galore.
Here demons wear masks
of noblemen and kings
and brandish their swords
twisting with every word spoken
for they etch their commandments
in every flesh, blood, and bone
to be followed, never denied to.
Now I’m desperate again
for a revolution, a hellfire
that needed to be incited
by words and poets of our kind
and send my words through
for us to stand together, to heal.
Here we are, with pen and paper
hand in hand, our words ready
as we incite, ignite the fire
that erased, faded the gloom
and healed the wounds of many
while the shackled fell free
now walking a path to freedom.

-Lakshmi Supriya