Mother Sun

a poem by Shaunteri Skinner

Eclipsed by Moon,
still rising as Sun
waving through mirrors
running into everyone’s homes,
piercing through glasses,
aiming between shades,
shielding the shame
behind some.
Plastered on anyone
who sees & feels day,
Feeding us unwavering flavor
in the form of daze,
cooking skin & burning
ashes, fleeing after feats,
offering chances to plan
astonishment in the
nightly shadows of defeat,
allowing progress
with a consistency
as all rise to no escape
from this confrontation
With fruitful audacity.
Serving daily reminders
as we rise & spin, we must
face our place or accept
the fate of our naive
Disguised as knowledge,
But Mother Sun
reminds us to never
Lie with our eyes
Open when she
Wakes us.

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