How I let go of you and held on too.

The night's crescent moon
The night’s crescent moon

I will get drunk on the poetry we wrote
throw my tears on the fire burning everlastingly.
That love didn’t stop your heart from turning cold for me.
Wrap my fingers around the words we spoke and
place them in the drawer that keeps your pictures too.
Watch my moon and stars collapse as I accept that my world
I must finally renew.
Write a prayer for us, for me, for you
on the same page lettered with your name in gold.
Take in a lesson or two.
Take a lesson or two. I will plant your roses outside my room
hang your artwork on the wall next to my bed.
Your kind words, I will give to someone else and
pray you get rewarded for them.
Our past, I will set on the shelf next to my favourite books.
These are the things I will hold onto
they belong to someone I once loved, once knew.

The people we were before still exist somewhere in time and space.
How unfortunate it would be to keep their chaos alive and instead
throw their love away.

– Samihah Pargas

– Instagram: ShadesOfHerInk