5 Acts of Love & Insurrection

a poem by Andrew Plumb

love speaks freely sometimes

sometimes it doesn’t speak at all

Act 1

he pleads to please me

I can’t say “no”

though it’s all too easy

to lie back like a broken doll

and be stitched and sewed up

Act 2

I (em)bedded a poem last night

between porous sheets

and unfolding skin

Act 3

from a whisper 2 a moan

his cold touch





into places

outside the realms of memory

Act 4

some people like the unknowing

they revel in surprise

it’s not the truth that matters

it’s those blessed lies

Act 5

look into my eyes, he says,

kissing me as if the world

had just begun

holding me as if the world

were coming to an end

I wish I could forget the future

I wish I could foresee the past

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