Find to Intertwine

Accentuate the stressed lines,
lines and scratches fined to intertwine,
the jumbled mess in knots,
swimming in a pool of thoughts,
when pen hits paper,
ya spit through the vapors,
seeping lines from the surface,
creating images versus,
the words slowly ascending,
held back emotions venting,
out unto paper walking,
instead of talking
to you

Keysha Affan, a 19 year old living near the city of Los Angeles, uses art as a way to self express and cope with emotions. As a college student, she tries to paint when she has free time. Due to a limited source of art supplies, this specific artwork was created on paper. The thin fine lines are painted with toothpicks, but brushes were used for the blue background. Acrylic paint is the medium used in this painting. The poem is an ekphrastic piece composed by the artist written in response to the accompanied work.