1-800- Chup kar

Why is it that the weight of my culture

Can be scaled down

And lost amidst translations

Generated from a Google Toolbar


Ask Starbucks to take a back seat on their “Chai lattes”

Because originality does not seem like their forte.

A delicate haldi doodh mixture-

A recipe for cold passed down from generations,

Is now validated because Jarrow Formulas decided to term it “Golden milk”?

“Clarified butter” is a textbook definition of misrepresentation,

Because as far as I’m aware “ghee” is the right connotation.

“Chandelier hair clip” by ASOS is cultural appropriation, period.

One more time for the people in the back because m-a-a-n-g t-e-e-k-a is the word.


My culture is Anglicised into #Namaslay, stamped and posted,

Across countries, continents and postal codes.

Yoga, Bindis and Aum,

Are what made my nation a mixture of races and ancient ancestry.


28 states. 7 union territories. 22 official languages.

My ethnicity is fortress of diversity,

“Made in India” with iron clad history,

And my culture is not at your disposal for when it’s convenient.


-Nicole Ruth