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This is Love to Me

 This is Love,

The trees were crying, and as their tears kissed the lips of the pavement, I knew that everything in the world was right.

There was no sunlight out today, no sunshine, and yet my sunshine blinded me to where I could not see a thing, could only hear the song both our hearts sang. 

And the leaves danced as we felt the rhythm moving throughout our bodies, the trunks holding steady the soulmates dancing on its branches.

Remember what it felt like, to be kissed on the tip of the nose, to feel the wet love that slid off our arms, just to be recycled back into the sky with stories untold.

This is love to me, the leaves the trees and their tears combined, take me back to a time when you were appreciated when you were treated like a five-star delicacy.

When lovers alike would exist in your presence for the simple fact that there is literally no better feeling than to be engulfed in your warmth and in your soul.

This is love to me.