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The World Ain’t Fair by Talin Likha

“The World ain’t fair, my child.”

A father to his discouraged girl.


That shattered the father’s heart into prickly pieces for he never imagined a day would come where he had to reveal the horrors of reality to his beloved girl when He first held her as a baby.

He wanted to protect her




He could no longer be her knight in shining armor against this unfair World.

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Just a Note

Hello, world. I am Stefania from Italy. I am the author of “The Morst“. What is The Morst? What’s more.”The joyful and rhythmic side of life. Colors, shapes, and thoughts moving. Dream about yellow, eat red, breathe blue”. I want to talk with you about Arts, urban and street Arts and colorful shapes around and inside us. Continue reading Just a Note