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Waves, Until They Weren’t

How bizarre it is to live on Earth.
How your life can flip in an instant.
How you think you have vision,
but your sight is actually muffled from sleep,
from believing that enough is all you deserve.
You remain blinded in a puddle of selling yourself short.
The illusion. The mysteries of our world.
The fine, near invisible line
that only some are lucky enough to notice and conquer.

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High School Days

It went from bad days
to bad weeks
until it was years of melancholy
dark patches of guilt and regret
all night long crying
and hating every morning
not having the energy
i lacked the energy
to love myself
to love living
i felt shame
i felt fear
i felt anger
i didn’t feel like living
it was circling around me
it became the only best friend of mine
it knew me so well
it became my companion
it was depression.



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Sick and Tired

I’m sick and tired of your games
Always guilt tripping me in passive aggressive ways
I’m sick of you invading my space
Please do me a favor and stay in your place
I’m sick of being asked one last chance
When in the end you leave with no trace
I’m sick of my chronic illness
That consumes my life forces away
I’m sick of being labeled as ungrateful
When all I did was sacrifice my life
I’m sick of the devil tempting me in so manys
Yet, I cry Lord have mercy on me for my sinful ways





Photo Credit: Lanaya

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Behold: Plaza De España

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A gallery of one of the most beautiful places in the southern city of Spain, Seville. I’m very lucky to have been able to visit the city whilst my friends were on placement in Spain. I love the Moorish architecture of the building and the classiness of the design. My favourite part of the building has to be the arches that not only have beautiful tiling but also list the cities in Spain in alphabetical order. I think my jaw dropped a little in awe and fascination. Although writing is one of my favourite hobbies, photography is also a passion of mine.

Enjoy the photos and be on the lookout for some more pictures soon!

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Since You’ve Been Gone

Lying on the carpet

the color deep sea

As my tears fall down my face

I don’t know if it’s from Adele’s angelic voice

or the fact that you’re not here anymore.

So I lie there, and I listen to Adele singing about

my broken heart

and I want to call you,

I want to tell you to come back,

even though I know you’ll hang up on me,

and tell me to move on.

So I listen to Adele

and I cry.




Photo Credit: Jon Bright, Jr.