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A Touch of Nature

After and after I keep coming back

To this place which holds nothing

And everything

This emptiness which seems to be full

The dazzling sun glittering on the waters

Blinding my eyes, opening my thoughts

This breeze, sometimes gentle sometimes not

But always washes away the worries

Like a mother’s presence

The sprinkle of water on skin

Like a blessing from nature

A token of gratitude, a letter of appreciation

Who has the time to come here

And admire the ecstasy

Of the kingdom of Poseidon

To stand and feel the winds

As they gently kiss the face

And thank Zeus for the miracle

To set foot in between

The threshold of nature and reality

Which are two very different things, but not

Different at all

But my heart sings a song

The symphony of nature in my mind’s ear

And drags me back to this exuberant

Part of the universe

And nature rejoices

The waves dance

The sun shines

The winds blow

And my soul finally matches

The rhythm of my heart

Creating the contentment that I had been

Searching for everywhere

Right inside me


(picture by @ri.yaa on instagram)

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Ripples of Hope


I watched the ripples take my life away towards the center of hope. I lose my direction sometimes, but the currents always lead me back home. I find my equilibrium in the reflection of my smile because all I see is that I must breathe for myself in a place where my breathing is threatened to be ceased. So, I swim towards hope and yearn for its caresses to keep me safe in its embrace.

© Soshinie Singh

Author of the Phoenix Letters and The Mist Calling