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Breathing in my Black Body in Birmingham, Alabama

Breathing in my Black Body in Birmingham, Alabama

(Picture courtesy of Salaam Green)

I am not confident, or an inspiration, or even brave simply because I have lost some weight. I get dressed in the dark and go to work with wrinkles in my clothes most days. In my previous home I decorated the whole living room with mirrors, mirrors over the fireplace, sofa, and such; however, in my small apartment, I haven’t looked in a mirror in months. I hate taking pictures even today and years ago I decided to not join the selfie craze because; I was too fat.

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Self Actualization

Look at the sky
“It’s gray” you’ll say
Cloudy, I know,
but light still finds a way.

Why do you hide behind clouds of sadness
raining down your face,
letting the storm obscure your heart?

There’s more to you
than the pain you’re through
Just like the light that’s hidden away,
find your cracks to shine.

© Máh Lima

(Photo by Lionel Gustave on Unsplash)

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“20/20” Poem by J. Bright Jr.

Light pierces through my pupils

The seeds from which I see

I close my lids

And envision 20/20

Picture perfect

A perfect picture

You and I

Like lens and eye

Like white and dye

Like blue and sky

We subside

And fly

Into the dusk. 


IG: thatguywhowrote

Featured Image: Christopher Buzelli