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Dazzle Me

I am a dark sea.
You are a dazzling light
that intensifies,
as morning is
on its way.
I bend my head
and ponder,
as a collection
of dizziness
passes me by.
Maybe I need
a slew of
your strength,
a savior–

you have
your hope
your determination,
the color of
blood red wine,
just on the
cusp of victory.

The answer was
always there
if I just
my eyes
and looked.



Photograph: Lanaya


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Show Me Love

Give me a souls exploding
Temperature rising
Sing it to the rooftops, kind of love
Give me an eyes wide open
Up all night
Can’t eat
Can’t sleep, kind of love
Give me a promises kept
Compromises met
No lies, kind of love
Give me a forever
Hand in hand
Till death do us part, kind of love
For now?
For now, just give me love.

Photography: Lanaya
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Turn the Truth Up! – Rico Lowe Jr. (@panafrico)

Lies be dancing on the tips
of slithering tongues.

saddling the wind, looking for
gullible ears to slide into.

but truth walks with volume.

each step distanced between
long, rhythmic strides.

turn the truth up,
and watch the lies silently die.




Writing: Rico Lowe Jr. @panafrico

Photography: Lanaya @writing.for.the.calm