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The Lesson

When you left I looked for you
in all the faces I saw,
in every crowded street,
in all the places we had been.

When you left I finally understood
forever is but a moment
and happiness is usually hidden away
in all the small things.

When you left I learned so much
about myself and my defense mechanisms
about my lack of self-esteem
about all the little annoying things that made me.

I cried at first.
I felt such void.
When you left
I thought life was over.
So I should thank you,
for showing me myself,
for showing me I’m stronger than that
for letting me know there’s so much more to life than you.
© Máh Lima

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

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#GenreSpokenWord Artist – MJ Fouldes


MJ Fouldes was selected as a runner up for the Genre Spoken contest that was held from Aug 21st – Sept 3rd.

The topic that was selected for the contest was fear.

Enjoy his chilling entry and make sure to follow him on instagram! @mjfouldes

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It started with him
calling her beautiful, sexy
admiring her body
telling her how she fulfilled his fantasy
and so she thought it was love

then he started the insults
to get her to lose weight
to get her to change and form into
what he wanted

foolish girl fell for it
because she didn’t want to hurt him
didn’t know how to stand up on her own
thought it all comes with being in love

he then took it a bit further
wanted her to check in with him throughout the day
but never told her a word about what he was doing
only messaged her when he felt like it
but was furious when she did the same

she still stuck
she thought it was in the name of love

he never listened to her ideas, her thoughts
told her to stop making him sound dumb
so she stopped, she didn’t want to mess it up

she thought it was all love
and slowly she gave in to
every abuse he threw at her
into every game he played with her
slowly she was no longer herself
she was a fool
she was in a foolish love
a fake love
a toxin that killed her soul


photography by @chadmadden

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Natural Love

This poem was the result of a challenge that I gave myself. I’ve always wanted to write about nature but I was never really sure how to so I did what I do best; I combined the subject of nature with love. It’s safe to say that my heart and soul is in this post. The image by bachtz, an amazing illustrator on Instagram.

I hope you guys enjoy this piece and love it as much as I do. I know I haven’t shared a lot recently but I hope to share more soon!

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Through the Hurt

At some point communication was ignored.
The pain rose like the sun, every single day
Every time a word was said
It was meant to cause more pain.
Silence was like air
But minds were too loud,
Too loud to hear what was said behind it all.
Because pain kept rising with the sun
And refused to set
And at some point silence was all they had
When they got so caught up in the self
They forgot the meaning of “us”
With the ego constantly screaming “I”.
And the light that only shone from the hurt
Couldn’t illuminate two broken hearts.
© Máh Lima

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash