Print Submission Requirements

Genre: Urban Arts

Print Submission Requirements

Topic: Open

Email Submissions to

Submit by December 20th, 2017

Requirements: No PDF submissions and work must be ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED.


Vibed Out category focuses on the music of the urban artist. If you or your group has a project being released this Summer 2017 (all 2017 …no Drake), consider doing the write up yourself or contact with Genre: Urban Arts for us to construct a write up for you.


Music Review:

  • 2-3 images (file size no greater than 64MB)
  • Review 300 – 400 words

Side Notes to Life category focuses on reflection and the times life offered a new insight. Sharing insights brings us together and helps us see where individuals are connected and where we differ. Being exposed to differing cultures’ intricacies as well as indulging ourselves in familiar narratives allows us to consider our relevance and position in the universe.


Nonfiction or Creative Nonfiction

  • 500 words or fewer


Fitted category focuses on urban fashion. Where I’m from we say, “Dude stay fitted,” if, in fact, he does. In this category, we are looking for bloggers or models with impeccable style and designers who want to call attention to his or her work. You are welcome to compose a write up on yourself; however, Genre editors would be happy to interview you and compose one for you.

  • 5-7 Images (file size no greater than 64MB)
  • 200-400 words


Composed category focuses on fiction and creative compositions with the exception of creative nonfiction.


  • 2-4 poems with 50 lines or fewer


  • 500 or fewer

Envisioned category caters to the windows of the soul. Visual Artists, please send photographs of original art.


  • Title, Medium
  • 1-3 images (file size no greater than 64MB)
  • Artist statement


  • Title, Medium
  • 5-7 images (file size no greater than 64MB)
  • Artist statement