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Natural Love

This poem was the result of a challenge that I gave myself. I’ve always wanted to write about nature but I was never really sure how to so I did what I do best; I combined the subject of nature with love. It’s safe to say that my heart and soul is in this post. The image by bachtz, an amazing illustrator on Instagram.

I hope you guys enjoy this piece and love it as much as I do. I know I haven’t shared a lot recently but I hope to share more soon!

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Out of Body. Out of Mind.

Every few months I get to meet myself again.
I look into the mirror and see a ghost.
Who am I? Where did I come from?
I know it’s me that I’m looking at
but nothing is recognizable.

“I have green eyes,” I tell myself.
This will be over soon,
I remember from the last time.
I am not scared of the stranger in front of me;
I wait with bated breath to know her name.

m.e. peters

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Smoking: A Remedy For Nothing. A Jinx For All.


Smoking Kills:

She pulled a coffin nail thrice a day.

With a cigarette,

She pushed her grief away.

And just like its smoke,

Her future turned dark and grey.

And in this world,

She was no more to stay.

– modern youth, is it worth it?




Smoking Kills. Art: Unknown.


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Always You

We walked along the sand, intrigued by skies so blue.  

I told you of all the years that I have thought of you.  

How I tried to erase the memories that my mind always replayed,

how I tried for years to forget you,

how I tried to stay away.  

But I realized for certain no one else will ever do,

you see you are my ocean,

and it has always been you.

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Physics of the Abstract

On Monday, August 21st ,2017, much of the United States looked at the sky. We gazed high above us at the wonder we call the sun. It shined down on us kissing us with a celestial rarity…an eclipse. Many planned excursions, parties, ,and some even mapped out their doomsday. I stood outside with colleagues. I also gazed up, holding my breath as the clouds rolled over the orange beguiling orb. I shaded my brow and looked away to only see spots. In an instant my mind wandered to you.

My mind tried to piece together your day. My mind tried to meld with yours as the hour drew closer to the lunar and solar overlap. My heart valves opened and closed like many times before, but now the rhythm was in triple time. My mind cast an image of us looking at the Heavens clasping hands. My hand ghosted the air close by. I am wake. I am alone. The moon now imperfectly lays itself across the sun. Clouds enveloped it like a shroud. My eyes squint. I pull out my phone and rattle off a few notes to your dedicated number. The moment has passed. Society lets out a collective sigh. We all pile back into buildings and back into cars.

For moments we were all together and in unison. I looked down at my phone, “Miss you.” That message usurps a thousand eclipses.


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For some reason
We identify more with UNIT
We are making exceptions for goals
To be seen
When the UNIT is to support
Selfish ideology
We need

Missing the message
Allowing the idea of perfection
To provide misdirection
Where are we headed?

We seek
Yet do not find
Because ignorance defines
Said goal
To be clueless
To lack understanding
Of the notion of mass control

You allow yourself to be manipulated
In the absence of UNIT-Y

No hope for the future
We are not where we should be
Fighting one another for the same dream
Same goal
Geed feen
Money and power
I hope you see
The UNIT supports
Selfish ideology
Are in desperate need