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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

It is said,
Once bitten, twice shy
And I couldn’t agree more with this,
More than anything
I wanted to pull the curtain, and
Allow the light to enter,
I wanted to be the one
To make a difference in your life,
The one that could be life-changing
But, not in the way
Things worked out,
Leaving me to a predicament
That would burn like a wildfire,
So, every time I have the urge
To be the saving grace again
My hand tingles from the burn
That it suffered ever so long ago,
Placing a hesitant hip in every step I take.


© Soshinie Singh

Author of the Phoenix Letters and the Mist Calling




Photo Credit: Jon Bright, Jr.

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I don’t care about this like I once did
Unsure what happened
What snapped
The passion that once roared
Has indifference wrapped around its throat
As I exhale my last cares
Watch them as I go
Suffocating on apathy
There’s a man staring back in the mirror
Watching this all unfold
But he doesn’t recognize me
Maybe one day I’ll jog his memory

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For Colored Men Only, Maybe


You forced your roots into holy land
Previously named, now stolen land
Watered by the blood of flogged backs
Of royalty now clothed in potato sacks
Blood sticky in rebellion wanted to rebuff
The pull from the deprived soil sho’nuff
The exchange of wet to dry, impossible to resist
So the stolen land gave the stolen blood a kiss

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I feel like a kid again when I am with you.
17 and shy.
18 and chasing
down the barrel of your loaded gun.

I wanted everything. I needed to feel it all.
Pleasure, pain.
A small scratch, a great ache.
As long as it belonged to you and me.

m.e. peters




Photo Credit: Lanaya


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Waves, Until They Weren’t

How bizarre it is to live on Earth.
How your life can flip in an instant.
How you think you have vision,
but your sight is actually muffled from sleep,
from believing that enough is all you deserve.
You remain blinded in a puddle of selling yourself short.
The illusion. The mysteries of our world.
The fine, near invisible line
that only some are lucky enough to notice and conquer.

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Genre Spoken Word Challenge Winner | @bunnywriter

Big congrats to @bunnywriter for being chosen as one of the three winners of our #GenreSpokenWord challenge that was hosted from 6/10-6/18th! Please make sure that you check out her serene submission below!

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Organic Loss


Burying the dead is life-altering
Gazing upon a face that once danced with light, with life
That now dances no more

Imagine… Some of us must bury the living
And this is gut-wrenching, almost impossible
To gaze upon a face that no longer dances to your light
But dances…still
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Faded Shades of Life


Gone are the days when faded meant old;

Worn out, expired, out of touch;

When clothes had an expiring date;

Starting with the moment they get their first wash;

Things were only appreciated when they looked new;

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1-800- Chup kar

Why is it that the weight of my culture

Can be scaled down

And lost amidst translations

Generated from a Google Toolbar


Ask Starbucks to take a back seat on their “Chai lattes”

Because originality does not seem like their forte.

A delicate haldi doodh mixture-

A recipe for cold passed down from generations,

Is now validated because Jarrow Formulas decided to term it “Golden milk”?

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