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Please Don’t Auto-Correct Me!

When you’re typing something on your phone and it decides on all its smart wisdom to auto-correct your words based on its in-built predictions, it can be a little irritating, right? Although your phone meant well (to make your life easier), you can’t help but tell it to mind its business and just follow your typing orders. Sometimes, we type so fast and tap ‘send’ before realizing that your device has sent a totally different message thanks to its auto-correct feature. Then we have to apologize and blame it on the phone for the misplaced message. How many people can relate? Continue reading Please Don’t Auto-Correct Me!

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The wisdom of an oak tree runs deep, the history intimate.

Perhaps you are familiar with how Absalom’s hair led to his demise. Maybe you respect the oak because Zeus chose this mighty tree as his oracle, the centerpiece of the righteous. Based on the rustling of its leaves, priests would interpret messages from the gods. Most likely, though, you revere the oak simply due to the symbolic nature of its strength.

Either way, never fail to recognize the way an oak tree reminds us not only to admire the splendor of its leaves or the tenacity of its trunk but to understand what’s deeper, below the surface: roots connect–no–bond people. The natural ways in which someone is truly rooted to another, the tangle of souls intertwined, simply and completely.

Here lies true wisdom.



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At Least He Thinks I’m Beautiful

So this is what love feels like.
Like all my skin burnt away
and I am barren for you.
Am I beautiful?

This is what it feels like to give.
Like I am walking on a tightrope
you cannot stop shaking.
Am I still beautiful up here?

This is what it feels like to fall.
Like I never needed air, anyways
just a nosedive into nothing.
But I know you think I’m beautiful, right?

m.e. peters

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They said, “Yes to the dress.” I said, “It’s Cool.”

I kept feeling like I wasn’t doing it right! I was walking out of this consignment shop with a gorgeous dress for 1/4 of the budget we put aside and I wasn’t excited like the women I always see on TV. I was happy. Relieved to knock it off of my checklist. Continue reading They said, “Yes to the dress.” I said, “It’s Cool.”