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Everything Chases the Sun by Chris Eyes

Everything chases the sun

The temptation is towards silence

but the noise always seems to win.

I yearn to empty my days of everything but you.

I’ll be burnt but I accept the scars.

See, morning is nothing without a dream to chase,

but while the waste of a generation fades

and days wait only for the moonlight,

my world illuminates in the dark,

where death is a spark,

a spike to the heart,

when all is unsaid,

and the hunger is fed

I contemplate greed

and the silence becomes nothing but a reason to bleed.

The ink is a seed

and everything chases the sun.

– Chris Eyes

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“In poetry and no more” by Alnaika

Read my poetry and you’ll know
We no longer share the same spaces,
places mix with traces of you
Familiar albums sound so foreign,
I was left without a clue
We parted like the Nile,
after years of streaming lakes
There’s no use, and then I cried
Things still felt the same
I decided to gather my thoughts
Which got lost, unlike my faith
To have and to hold was taught to be mundane
I write and I wrote so similarly
I felt silly
As this chapter ended, one thing remained
I was left with poetry to my name.

(Photography by Simson Petrol on Unsplash)

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The World Ain’t Fair by Talin Likha

“The World ain’t fair, my child.”

A father to his discouraged girl.


That shattered the father’s heart into prickly pieces for he never imagined a day would come where he had to reveal the horrors of reality to his beloved girl when He first held her as a baby.

He wanted to protect her




He could no longer be her knight in shining armor against this unfair World.