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Octopussy and why?

Wait, hold up? Is that a bleeding pussy? Yes, Yes it is!  Why? Because she is beautiful.

I created her because I wanted to end the taboo behind anatomy of a woman. Yeah, we bleed, get over it.  Our vaginas are more than a sex toy for you to fall into.  We create life, we hustle through the pain and get things done.  I’ve come across so many women who say “I’m sorry” way too much, I wish my fellow women would stop that habit.  This painting represents being unapologetic, that’s who I am.  I’m bold, deep, funny, and a soul full of good karma.  I’m complex, I have layers, and I’m ok with my flaws, nothing to apologize for, this paining represents my essence.  I’ve given life and have made some men sprung off my womanly vibrations, I own it and you should too!  This painting is also symbolic on another level, I did this for the strong women in my life. I love you girls!