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No Lines

There are no lines
Nothing to read through
No spaces
To see how well
Your interpretation suits you
We are different
Two opposing fields
And this love unusual
We cross paths more frequently now
The irony intrigues
You think of what was
And suggest regress now
But it’s over
Our worlds apart now
Each word
New sentence
Paragraph and phrase a new
Without the commas and periods you put me through
They didn’t complete shit
Just fucked up the grammar
Incomplete sentences and fragments
Causing my life to stagger
No consistency
And a tangent is prevalent
Because progression
Exist only in your present
And then I return to
Fucked up
And you don’t want to proof me
Just let me be read
In mockery
That’s how I know
English is no longer for me
And I will go down
As the girl who couldn’t use periods effectively