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#GenreRepYourCity 2018 Edition

It’s time again for #GenreRepYourCity! We’re putting a little spin on it for 2018.

Read the details below:

    1. Fill out the form (it’s just under the instructions).
    2. We will send you the sign (free of charge).
    3. Fill in & assemble your #GENREREPYOURCITY sign.
    4. “Get up, get out, and get something” (Outkast).
    5. No. 3 means get out into the world see some art. You decide what art is.
    6. Take a picture (selfie or otherwise) alone or with some dope ass art piece in your town.
    7. Post on IG, Twitter or FB tag us and add #genrerepyourcity in the post caption.
    8. Go H.A.M.
    9. H.A.M.: Hard as a muthafucka (He Who Shall Not Be Named)