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Let Her Fall

Just maybe when you fall.  This time.

There will be beds of cloud-like linens.

A sea of infinite warm goodness.

Maybe this time.  When you fall.  Softness awaits.

And the cross you bear will be of Balsam Popular.

And sticky sweet molasses.

Instead of Ironwood and nails.

Maybe.  This time.


Photography by Clarke Sanders

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At My Best…IDFWU

You were a lesson
Who I was not afraid to choose
And at my best, I’m never really
Afraid to lose
Because through loss
We all gain perspective
So, you were a choice
And I? Well, I was selective
You were never a mistake
Just a divine option…
I was brave enough to make

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Hoop Dreams: Pass the Rock

Hoop dreams surface in the lives of women too. Peering through window {pains} etched with a white square that marks the spot. A net attached to a hole – dream catchers. Wishing on goals. Learning new tricks…to stay ahead of the game…to be picked…First. Round. Draft. Sounding a little like…
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For Colored Men Only, Maybe


You forced your roots into holy land
Previously named, now stolen land
Watered by the blood of flogged backs
Of royalty now clothed in potato sacks
Blood sticky in rebellion wanted to rebuff
The pull from the deprived soil sho’nuff
The exchange of wet to dry, impossible to resist
So the stolen land gave the stolen blood a kiss

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Organic Loss


Burying the dead is life-altering
Gazing upon a face that once danced with light, with life
That now dances no more

Imagine… Some of us must bury the living
And this is gut-wrenching, almost impossible
To gaze upon a face that no longer dances to your light
But dances…still
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