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Natural Love

This poem was the result of a challenge that I gave myself. I’ve always wanted to write about nature but I was never really sure how to so I did what I do best; I combined the subject of nature with love. It’s safe to say that my heart and soul is in this post. The image by bachtz, an amazing illustrator on Instagram.

I hope you guys enjoy this piece and love it as much as I do. I know I haven’t shared a lot recently but I hope to share more soon!

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Let Love Shine


One thing I really hate about writing is writer’s block. On the other hand, I can say that whenever I go through writer’s block, I always feel as if I have come back stronger than before and with pieces just as strong. Getting out of writer’s block tends to be a long process for me. Where all of my poems are typed up, some poems do start written on a piece of paper and that is my cure to writer’s block. The relevance between writer’s block and this post is that I was actually experiencing it when I wrote this. With a very good friend of mine (of the Instagram kind) who was also experiencing writer’s block, we decided to collaborate. We exchanged a few lines and I was inspired by the ones she sent me and that is how “Let Love Shine” was born.

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I Rise

We’re all going through something, if not now then we’ve all been through something at some point in our lives. My experiences are the sole inspiration for my poetry and even though this poem was part of a challenge; I believe it allowed me to tap into something I’d yet to realise until I’d written this. I rose out of debris that remained from failed relationships and friendships. Whenever we’re going through something we kind of have tunnel vision. We only see the darkness and have yet to see the light at the end. Most of my posts and my new poetry recently you would’ve notices are mostly about surviving through hardships and self-love or learning to love yourself.

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Behold: Plaza De España

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A gallery of one of the most beautiful places in the southern city of Spain, Seville. I’m very lucky to have been able to visit the city whilst my friends were on placement in Spain. I love the Moorish architecture of the building and the classiness of the design. My favourite part of the building has to be the arches that not only have beautiful tiling but also list the cities in Spain in alphabetical order. I think my jaw dropped a little in awe and fascination. Although writing is one of my favourite hobbies, photography is also a passion of mine.

Enjoy the photos and be on the lookout for some more pictures soon!

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The Definition Series: Attached


Some may ask the purpose of this definition series and being completely honest, I’m not sure how I would answer that question. As all of my other poems, these poems all formed in my mind in the way I present them and in this case, they presented themselves as definitions. However, my definitions are not of the words per se. They are more the literalisation of the words in the form of my story. She is always me and Him is always well, him. He always used to use this word ‘attached’ and I hated it, still do as a matter of fact. He always told me that he didn’t want me to get attached yet everything he did was contradictory. So this word was always hanging above our heads, silent, looming. This poem in the series is the truth we never wanted to admit to ourselves. I did, eventually. Only to myself, however, I couldn’t give him that satisfaction. I’ll leave you guys with this one before I get any deeper and any more emotional.

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts and keep and eye out for more.

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The Definition Series: Acceptance


Around this time last year was when I first set up my Instagram page and although this particular poem was not my first post. As this is a definition series, I thought it only fitting to post them in alphabetical order like a dictionary. The way I wrote the Definition Series was in sync with what I was feeling, and in this particular poem, it was acceptance. I’d been through a whirlwind of drama, emotions, and heartache but finally, in this poem, in that moment, I was at peace. Of course, it didn’t last long, I am a woman and hormones course through my veins every minute of every day so the feeling of acceptance didn’t last long, it was nice while it lasted.

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Harmony is often associated with music, I decided to switch it up a little. This piece was part of a Global Wordsmith writing challenge on Instagram. The challenge was to use the word body in 8 words. It’s funny how this poem came about actually. I was in the shower and! And thoughts were running through my head, usually when poems start forming in my mind, if I don’t get them down straight away they’re gone forever. However, this time I was lucky. I repeated the words in my head and made sure to remember what order they were in and if I had the correct amount of words. I was not prepared to lose this piece. As soon as I came out of the shower, I found my phone and wrote it down. As long as it was on my phone, it was safe.

I don’t want this piece to be perceived as sexual. There are two types of intimacy, physical and emotional. Our bodies were in harmony emotionally. Whenever we would spend time together, no matter how short the time was, our bodies would just gravitate towards each other. Hands would reach and fingers would intertwine… Okay i feel another poem coming from these words so I’m going to stop right here and see if it amounts to anything. If it does, you’ll know very soon!

Thank you for reading my words guys. I really, really appreciate it.

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Chemistry II

I love this poem. I’m not sure how much more I can say that will express just how much my heart is in this poem. I said to myself that when I started contributing to Genre, I would start by sharing my older poems, but now I feel that those will have to wait because the ones I’m writing now, seem to reach a wider audience. I’ve been told that my one line poems hit people right in the heart so I thought I’d share this one because this is my heart. This is how I felt, how I still feel about us. I don’t think I will ever really be able to divulge (at least not on the internet!) who the other half of that ‘us’ is, but I’ll definitely keep writing about him.